About the Author

When speaking at our annual conference, Dave Carl gave a wonderful and very informative presentation on overcoming obstacles related to living with a disability. Our attendees were inspired by his extensive knowledge and positive attitude and spirit.

Angie Pate, Executive Director, Spina Bifida Association of Alabama

Author Dave Carl graduated in 1999 from Buffalo State College where he majored in social work. He uses his own wheelchair full time, but doesn’t let his spina bifida define him.

Through his work, speaking engagements, and seminars, Dave teaches people with and without disabilities of all ages independent living on all levels. It is very important to understand that independent living starts at a very young age when a child is learning basic social and daily living skills. Dave is using Super Cyclist as a fun way to teach children, and adults, to believe in themselves and be all that they can be.

Dave is also the creator and primary contributor of the SKILLS: Share Knowledge of Independent Living and Learn Skills blog.